Kazbah Talks to Anthony Stern About His Film of Afghanistan, The Noon Gun

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In the interview below, avant garde film producer and glassblower Anthony Stern talks to Kazbah about the making of The Noon Gun, his stunning documentary of Afghanistan filmed in 1971.  To view in low resolution click LOWRES
After some 30 years Sadia Sadia and Stephen Tayler of Chimera Arts teamed up with Anthony Stern to edit the film and put it to music; the resulting production had its world début at the 2004 Melbourne International Film Festival, since then The Noon Gun has been shown across the globe, including several recent screenings during the Great Game Season at the Tricycle Theatre in London.
For The Noon Gun trailer on Chimera Arts webpage click TRAILER and for other films including The The Noon Gun click HERE
For Anthony Stern his glass work and films click HERE
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The Buddha of BamyanLaughing GirlShrine of Hazrat Ali, The Blue Mosque Mazar-e-SharifThe Noon Gun, Herat



Free Thinker Mazen Zahreddine tells us the shocking truth

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Mazen Zahreddine by Mazen Zahreddine“Say ‘Amazing Sardine’ and you’ve just about got the pronunciation of my name,” says Mazen Zahreddine as we set up the interview and recording.

We first met Lebanese Mazen in London for the Beirut Live gig in Brick Lane at the beginning of April and didn’t quite know what to expect….We found, however, a quietly spoken man imbued with cultural and historical understanding, who questions everything and accepts nothing at face value.

Besides being an actor and writer, Mazen is a shock performer whose mission seems to be to change the Lebanese way of thinking; he holds a provocative mirror up to society, questioning beliefs, poking fun at social norms and above all questioning the acceptance of censorship and, particularly in the recording here, the thinking that causes the inexorable cycles of internecine violence in Lebanon.

Listen and standby: By pressing play you will hear explicit material that will cause offence.

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Kazbah Catches Up With Amina Annabi

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Last week, we caught up with Amina Annabi in London preparing for her upcoming performance at the Women for Women International (WfWI) gala, due to be held at the Natural History Museum on 7th May.  Amina told us about her exciting year ahead - listen below:
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Held under the auspices of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, the gala highlights the plights of women survivors of war as well as celebrating the many strengths with which they continue to build their families, communities and nations.  WfWI was established in 1993 by Iraqi-born Zainab Salbi and has assisted more than 161,000 women through the provision of literacy and vocational skills training and micro-credit loans in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan.

For more information about Women for Women International or to book tickets to the gala, please visit www.womenforwomen.org.uk

Literature: Kazbah Interviews Samia Serageldin, Author of The Naqib’s Daughter

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Here we bring you an interview with Samia Serageldin whose novel, The Naqib’s Daughter, set at the time of the French invasion and occupation of Egypt, 1798-1801, was published by Harper Collins on 4th February. 309 pages, £14.99.

Serageldin is a writer, essayist and political scientist.  Her first novel, The Cairo House, an autobiographical novel of Egypt under Anwar El Sadat was published in 2000.
Click the arrow play button to listen to the interview:
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The Naqib's Daughter Front Cover and the Author

For Samia Serageldin’s website click http://www.thecairohouse.com/
For Nicholas Conté’s Description of Egypt from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina click Click HERE
For Jabarti’s Chronicle on Amazon click HERE
For Samia Serageldin on the HarperCollins website click HERE

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