Art Talk: Listen to Gender Wars and Chadors Dicussion Organised by Canvas Magazine at Art Basel

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The discussion below was organised by Canvas Magazine at Art Basel Miami Beach and is the third and final of the Gender, Wars and Chadors talks on Contemporary Middle Eastern Art.  All three talks will be published as a book in 2010.

Artists Ghada Amer, Kader Attia and Akram Zaatari have an animated talk about how geographical categorisation, censorship, censorship, the future of art and their latest works moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects, Serpentine Gallery.

Talk Q&A
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Canvas Magazine click HERE
Artist Profiles on Artnet - Click each Name:
Ghada Amer / Kader Attia / Akram Zaatari

Film: Trailer for Yallah Underground - A Documentary about the Underground Culture in the Middle East

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Yallah Underground is a vibrant documentary about underground culture in the Middle East, the struggle and the success, filmed through the eyes and actions of the artists who are part of this movement.  The film’s main protagonist is Zeid Hamdan of the Lebanese Underground and will follow him on tour through the region. 
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Lebanese Undergound - webpage / on myspaceon facebook
Yallah Underground - on facebook / on IndieGoGo

Break Dancing In Gaza

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Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports on Camp Breakerz, a break dance club in one of Gaza’s camps.

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Comedy, What’s Amusing Us - Go Remy

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Here in our pastiche of UK village life, complete with customised ford fiestas, we’ve been laughing at the films on Go Remy, the YouTube channel US comedian of Remy Munasifi.  So we thought we’d share a selection of our favourites, watch and enjoy.

For more information click Remy also appeared at the 6th Arab Comedy Festival in New York click HERE for more info.

Tabbouleh Song
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