Arabology by YAS Available for Download

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YAS’s album Arabology is the album we’ve been waiting two years for.
Samples from Arabology:
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YAS is Yasmine Hamdan (formerly of Soap Kills) and acclaimed producer Mirwais Ahmadzaï, and the album stands the Kazbah test drive.

YAS’s music comes from another dimension, cutting across parallel worlds: The pulsing beat of the mega club, the playfulness of 80’s electro-pop, the crunch of rock guitar all combined with Yasmine’s voice - sometimes ethereal, floating above the beat, sometimes harsh, cutting into our fantasy. A voice that has a raw sensualtiy, both delicate and forceful.

The cons? The album has Mirwais’s signature electronica stamp all over it and leans in to the best of Madonna’s dance inducing anthems. Which, of course, is hardly surprising. However, any calls for lack of orginality should be damned as this album is a voice ahead of its time, a real coup for the artists.

Download from iTunes (France) click HERE or direct from Universal click HERE
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