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Heavy Metal in BaghdadMust See - Heavy Metal in Baghdad at the ICA showing until 2nd October. For info and booking click Buy Tickets for listing on Kazbah and the film’s trailer click HERE

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a Vice Magazine documentary feature film about the struggle to survive of Acarssicauda (Black Scorpion) formed in 2001 and to date Iraq’s only Heavy Metal Band .

Co-Founder of Vice Magazine Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti co founder of VBS.TVspent 3 years trying to meet Acrassicauda and, when they finally did meet them, it was during the height of violence in Baghdad only two members of the band remained in Iraq, Firas and Faisal.

Vice Magazine’s content has frequently been labeled crude, un-pc - reactionary conservatism hidden behind irony. No such things were evident in Heavy Metal in Baghdad: by telling the story of Acrassicauda, Alvi and Moretti reported the vicious circumstances of Iraq with a sensitivity that showed us, the viewers, what life is actually like in Baghdad from a new and intensely real perspective.

Heavy Metal Rules

Acrassicauda, influenced by Slayer, Metallica, Mayhem, System of a Down amongst many others, enjoyed a certain amount of freedom pre the 2003 invasion despite having to write a Saddam friendly tune and dodge the ‘Heavy Metal’ epithet in bill listings.

Since the invasion and with the assistance of Vice Magazine, they have staged only one concert. If Heavy Metal can have a heart touching moment, this was it: Acrassicauda’s fans head banging, going crazy at the concert, all their pent up anger releasing, entering an all too brief space where the war didn’t exist. “Heavy Metal ruled for a brief period” before curfew.

Through the story of the band you understand that life in Baghdad and beyond really isn’t life at all, it’s a scratch existence where life exists only in the moment when you know you are alive.

Get the Rage Out

As the documentary unfolds you understand that the deep passion for music is only heightened by the war. The need to get the rage out, the need to perform, to tell the story. This is where ‘art’ is not something superficial to life, it’s a vital part of it.

Acrassicauda put the West’s strutting stars of the rock and roll lifestyle to shame, this band deserves to succeed.

This story is important, go and see the film.

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